Games designed for people, not platforms.

We're elodie,

a new games studio dedicated to building better cross-play games. Our mission is to connect gamers around the globe with endlessly engaging games that deliver an uncompromised experience. However and wherever you’re playing.

We believe gaming should never be compromised by the platform it’s played on.

We've had the privilege of helping conceive, create and develop some of the most-loved games on the planet — witnessing first-hand the power of games to bring people together.

But we've also seen the frustrations gamers experience when titles are ported across platforms, and gameplay is compromised as a result. Furthermore, most games don’t even support cross-play at all.

This creates a situation where gamers either play at a disadvantage or are excluded completely, just because of the platform they play on. This doesn’t bring people together. It actually creates a divide in the gaming experience.

That's why at elodie we design games purpose-built for cross-play. Empowering gamers everywhere to play with their friends across any platform, without ever compromising the player experience.


Social at our Core

Games are better with friends. Elodie is committed to removing any and all barriers that prevent gamers from playing together.

Endless Engagement

Elodie designs games that continually delight and satisfy gamers with deep gameplay, that provides hours of rewarding fun.

We strive to build encouraging relationships with our players - sparking and retaining excitement that keeps them coming back.

Loved Everywhere

We believe the best gameplay is universal. That's why Elodie draws inspiration from mechanics that span cultural barriers, developing content for global resonance at all times.

Christina Norman


Christina cut her teeth as Lead Designer at BioWare, authoring the gameplay of the beloved and acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy.

She took her powerhouse imagination and skills to Riot Games where as Design Director she conceived, pitched and drove dramatic improvements to League of Legends, one of the most played games of all time.

Christina is passionate about bringing games to players wherever they are and however they like to play. This drove her to conceive, pitch, and design League of Legends, Wild Rift, the port of League of Legends to mobile and console.

She holds math and computer science degrees from the University of Waterloo.

Christina is a competitive gamer, modder, and optimistic futurist.

David Banks


As League of Legends’ Head of Product, David is a veteran visionary with years of experience building products and teams that deliver experiences people love.

When Riot Games first opened its doors, David was there to lay the foundation for what was to become League of Legends, the global esports phenomenon that captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of gamers around the globe.

He holds Engineering degrees from Caltech, UCLA and Wesleyan.

David is a lifelong gamer, film nerd, and recovering surf addict.

Our games are

designed in the

heart of Dogtown

(Venice, California) —

to be played by gamers

all over the world.